Le Prime Venue

About us


The company was founded in 2013 by experts in new products development with access to the latest technologies.

At present a close-knit team of highly qualified professionals are concentrated on development of skin and hair care products. Each item is based  on the most effective European components and designed to meet the most strict safety requirements as well as skin and hair needs while solving specified problems.

Our core Brand for the time being is Le Prime Venue, which implies “venue point – apex” and symbolizes the company’s responsibility for the Highest Quality Standards.

The Le Prime Venue cosmetics comprises:

  • -  both several generations’ experience and the latest scientific technologies
  • -  natural products and nature-based ingredients
  • -  traditional but functional and specified care products, as well as the latest cosmetics novelties

Not only technological and quite convenient to apply are Le Prime Venue products but also inspiringly designed so that you can enjoy the image and application of every flask, tube or package as well as carrying them in your cosmetics purse.

Le Prime Venue – the apex of your beauty!



In order to preserve your skin and hair healthy and beautiful our products contain thoroughly selected and tested ingredients the clinical effects of which are proven. While producing our cosmetics the principle of absolute honesty is always followed: the ingredients are applied in the concentration recommended by the producer for the best effectiveness.

Much attention is paid to using natural components which have been applied by the most charming women in the world to achieve younger looks and attractiveness. The latest scientific technologies always go along with the experience of generations, which results in the creation of really “intellectual” cosmetics for ideal skin and hair care. 


The principle of innovativeness is put into practice at all stages of producing our cosmetics: from the formula development and ingredients selection to production technologies and packaging.


Maximum convenience and pleasure at applying our cosmetics is one of our main principles which we constantly follow while producing our cosmetic products and choosing their packaging. All the products undergo unbiased testing on several parameters: safety, efficiency, texture, absorption, scent, etc. Only after multilevel research and experts’ approval our novelties can appear on store shelves.

 Our philosophy

Le Prime Venue – the philosophy of harmony and exquisiteness   subjected to the most sophisticated taste

Le Prime Venue – stability and reliability proven by time

Le Prime Venue – the apex of your beauty!



We create Healthy Beauty

We cultivate humanity and cordial relationship between people

We value sincerity and honesty

Our Values

  • -  Honesty and sincerity
  • -  Environment friendly approach and Effectiveness
  • -  Responsibility and High Quality Standards

Our Priorities

  • -  Clients
  • -  Partners
  • -  Scociety and NAture
  • -  Employees
  • -  Shareholders


Our Raison d'Être:

To accelerate accessibility of innovative and functional products and solutions to consumers at impeccable quality and reasonable prices!


Le Prime Venue – the apex of your Beauty!