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Alginate Scrub-Mask «Magic Africa» with coconut shell and coconut pulp

For all skin types
Gentle cleansing + nutrition
Creamy structure

Feel a gentle touch of Africa!

Due to its special formula the Scrub-Mask provides a gentle and effective cleansing.

The exclusive combination of coconut shell and rice powder  allows dual scrubbing effect: deep exfoliating and soft peeling.

Enriched with nourishing components, vitamins and minerals the mask sates cells with necessary elements, balances out hydro lipids, and attains the skin soft and silky effect.

A warm charming coconut aroma deeps you into atmosphere of sweet enjoyment!


  • Mix 10 g of the Scrub-Mask with 25 g of water at 20-25 °C till homogeneous cream.
  • Apply the Scrub-Mask on moistened face and neck with light massage motions avoiding eye areas.
  • Leave the product for 3-5 min.
  • Wipe the face with a wet sponge.

* use immediately after unsealing