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Alginate Scrub-Mask «Passionate Brazil» with grape seeds and rice powder

For all skin types
Deep cleansing + antioxidant protection
Jelly structure

Experience a gentle touch of Brazil!

Its formula with maximum of natural ingredients is especially developed for both deep and gentle face cleansing.

The two-level combination of scrubbing ingredients (grape seeds and rice powder) peels dull surface cells gently, while improving cell breathing. It removes blackheads and roughness, rewarding skin with elasticity and softness.

Grape seeds contain unique antioxidants preventing the skin from daily stress.

Rice powder enriches cells with nourishing properties effectively and avails to preserve its moisture.

Sensual aroma of mango and passion fruit awakens romantic feelings and emotions!


  •  Mix 20 g (two sachets) of the Scrub-Mask with 30 g of water at 20-25 °C till homogeneous jelly.
  • Apply the scrub on moistened face and neck with light massage motions avoiding eye areas.
  • Leave the product for 3-5 min.
  • Wipe the face with a wet sponge.

* use immediately after unsealing