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Scrub-Mask «Mediterranean delight» with lemon peel and rice powder

For all skin typed
Deep cleansing + freshness
Gel structure

Enjoy Mediterranean exclusivity!

The unique combination of lemon peel and rice powder removes roughness naturally and softly, while instantly cleansing and soothing skin.

Well enriched with vitamin C – vigorous natural antioxidant, lemon peel improves skin elasticity and activates its regeneration.

Rice powder effectively moisturizes and nourishes skin, improves cell breathing. It smoothens skin surface and turns it fresh and tender.

Bright lemon aroma cheers you up, replenishes vitality and keeps you up fresh!


  • Mix 10 g of the Scrub-Mask with 30 g of water at 20-25 °C till homogeneous gel.
  • Apply the Scrub-Mask on moistened face and neck with light massage motions avoiding eye areas.
  • Leave the product for 3-5 min.
  • Wipe the face with a wet sponge.

* use immediately after unsealing